Game Format

Integrity Hockey League follows all USA Hockey rules, with additional requirements found in our Rules Guide and Code of Conduct.


Game Format:

  • 5 vs. 5 (plus goalies)

  • 5 minute warm up

  • 3 periods @ 15 minutes each (stop time between whistles)


  • Game moves to run time @ 10:00 min mark of 3rd period if one team is ahead by 6 goals


  • If the game is tied after 3 periods, the game moves to a 5 vs. 5 player shootout.  If the game is not resolved after 5 players, the shootout moves to sudden death.​


  • Post-season overtime consists of a 6 minute (run-time) sudden death overtime period.  

Rink Locations

League play occurs at the following ice rinks:

Equipment Requirements

Required Equipment:

  • Hockey helmet w/ chin strap

  • Elbow pads

  • Hockey gloves

  • Shin pads

  • Hockey pants

  • Protective cup

  • Hockey skates

  • Hockey stick

  • Hockey socks

  • Hockey jersey w/ # on back

Optional Equipment:

  • Face mask/cage for helmet

  • Shoulder pads

  • Neck guard

Hockey Equipment.jpg