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2024 Spring/Summer Roster Goalie

  • League: Integrity Hockey League
  • Season: 2024 Spring/Summer
  • Opens: February 17, 2024 at 12:00am CST
  • Closes: May 26, 2024 at 11:59pm CDT



This registration is for ROSTER GOALIE ONLY.  If you are not a roster goalie, please go to the website to register:

You MUST entered a 2024 USA Hockey number.  All others will not be valid for this season.  You can update your number here:


1. Integrity Hockey League/MCHA is committed to provide the highest quality hockey experience for players 18 years and over at most skill and experience levels. IHL/MCHA has developed a hockey skill-based evaluation system, which is utilized to determine each player's overall hockey level. These evaluations define which divisions (B, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2) each player is eligible to play in. In the event that a player is deemed to exceed the skill level of their current division, the IHL/MCHA reserves the right to move the player to a team/division where his/her skill is more appropriate. If the player chooses to decline such a move, the Integrity Hockey/MCHA and our partner rinks are not liable for any refund.

2. IHL/MCHA reserves the right to add full-time players to a roster to reach a total of 12 full-time players, a captain and a goalie (two half season players count as one full-time player). Should a team be unable to meet the minimum roster number (12 full-time players, a captain and a goalie), IHL/MCHA reserves the right to reallocate these players to another team. No refunds will be given. Rosters are limited to 20 total half or full season players, a captain, and a goalie.

3. In an attempt to keep all divisions at equal parity, IHL/MCHA reserves the right to move any team or individual player up or down a division at any time before or during the season.

4. IHL/MCHA has a NO REFUND policy. ALL players/substitutes/goalies agree to pay all registration fees due, regardless of injury, suspension, ejection, leaving a team or for any reason. No refunds will be given by IHL/MCHA. If for any reason a credit card is declined, the player will be suspended immediately until full balance is paid. It is the player’s responsibility to keep payment methods current. Players with outstanding balances are not allowed to play in the current or future IHL seasons until the balance is paid in full. The credit card will be charged any fees owed even if a credit card is declined.

5. Players are responsible for keeping their profiles up to date. If USAH #s expire mid-season players are responsible for updating them. IHL/MCHA has the right to suspend any player indefinitely until they update their USAH # in their profile. No refunds will be issued.

6. In the event of inclement weather, IHL/MCHA follows the guidance of the rink managers. Games will only be cancelled if the rink closes. In the event an ice rink closes, all captains will be notified immediately. It will also be posted on the front page of our website, as well as on Facebook.

7. IHL/MCHA games are 15-minute stop time periods with a 5-minute warmup, and a best-of-5 shootout in the event of a tie (except in the playoffs in which a 6-minute running time sudden death overtime period is played, and a best-of-5 shootout is played only if the overtime does not resolve the tie).  IHL/MCHA games are played on Sundays with start times typically ranging from 3:00pm - 10:30pm (game times may exceed these ranges in cases of high demand).  IHL/MCHA attempts to ensure equitable distribution of games that are 9pm or later.  Games may be played at rinks including the Allen Community Ice Rink, Comerica Center, Children's Health StarCenters in Euless, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, and Valley Ranch, or the NyTex Sports Centre. Team captains designate their preferred rinks, and IHL/MCHA attempts to provide games on the preferred rinks at least 50% of the time.  IHL/MCHA strives to meet these targets but there is no guarantee that games will be played at preferred rinks and at preferred times.  

8. IHL/MCHA allows players to register on up to two teams in adjacent skill-level divisions as long as the player could justifiably play in both based on their skill and highest level of play.  Players may not register full time on both teams - players may register full time on one team and half time on a second team, or half time on two different teams. If you choose to register on more than one team, IHL/MCHA makes no guarantee that games for your two teams will be de-conflicted.

9. You MUST FIRST complete this Stars Center Rinks Waiver before you are eligible to play. If you do not complete the process, there may be consequences handed down by the Stars Center and Integrity Hockey League/MCHA. You may be suspended from the league without a refund if this waiver is not completed before the first game of the season.

Stars Center Rinks Waiver:


$149.00 USD due at registration